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We welcome operators and travel agencies that seek to provide their clients with the best experience and the highest quality standard in hospitality and service in Puerto Natales.



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17 de febrero 2024 


23 de junio 2023

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Dreamy…Absolutely Dreamy

We stayed four nights and we were still wishing we could stay longer when we checked out. This place is gorgeous. The rooms, the bar/lounge, breakfast area and even the entry area are all exquisite. Rooms are huge. Our second floor room had a sunny large window seat perfect for relaxing with a book and/or drink. Breakfast included eggs (the omelette!!), yogurt, cheese, meat, fruit, and more.

Every staff member was courteous and professional. We were treated so well through our stay! We had had difficulty finding a way to do the Fauna Trek but (special thanks here) Scarlett found us a guide who drove us and accompanied us (hike can only be done with a guide) for a very reasonable price. We recommend you stay at the hotel and include this hike. Then, spend a relaxing evening in the lounge!

Finally, we enjoyed hearing about how Erkka and David brought this place to life. It’s an amazing story.

Treat yourself to this place!

Jean D

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