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David & Erkka

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The Vinnhaus Family

David Del Río (Chile) and Erkka Lindlöf (Finland) met while living in Berlin in 2015, and later they came together to this side of the world, deciding to found the vintage-style guest house in Puerto Natales, dedicated to hospitality and gastronomy experiences, from which its name comes: Vinnhaus.

Both David and Erkka have a passion for traveling, and they wanted to create an environment for travelers that allowed them to experience their cultural background of Chile and Finland. They wanted to create a space that felt homey and welcoming, and Vinnhaus was born out of that passion. The guest house offers a unique experience, combining traditional Patagonian cuisine with modern European flavors, as well as providing guests with the opportunity to explore the Patagonian landscape. Vinnhaus has become a popular spot for both local and international travelers.


Its commitment to constant evolution and the pursuit of innovation has made it an emblematic and recognized establishment in the city, not only because of its stunning aesthetic and concept but also because of its meticulously designed and executed proposal which has become a symbol of excellence and creativity, elevating the city as a tourist destination as a result.

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" When you share a passion and discipline for what you do, teamwork becomes a lifestyle.  We are partners, life partners , best friends and colleagues.  We are the heart of our project;  the soul of our house,  which we share with all of you"

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