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Gazpacho with apple sorbet

Gazpacho is a cold soup with various ingredients such as olive oilvinegarwatervegetables raw, generally tomatoescucumbersPeppersonions y garlic.​ There are old versions that add to the main ingredients flour of broad beans, bitter oranges or almonds and does not include tomato, which was not used among its ingredients until the colonization of America that brought tomatoes to the old continent.

It is usually served fresh in the hot summer months. Its color varies from pale orange to red, depending on whether more or less ripe tomatoes are used. The origin of the current gazpacho is uncertain, although traditionally it has been considered a dish from the interior de Andalusia, where the olive oil and the products of the vegetable garden are abundant, and the summers are very dry and hot. For this reason, it is commonly known as Andalusian gazpacho.

We prepare our own Gazpacho Vinnhaus recipe with candied peppers that enhance its flavor and we add raw carrots, a touch of ginger and rice vinegar. We crowned this fresh dish with a sorbet (which is a non-fat ice cream) made of green apple, celery, cucumber and sugar.

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